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Whether you’re a home buyer, investor, or developer the auction buying process is very simple and fast

Motor Vehicles

Whether you’re a used car agents or a private individual, we offer a wide range of services to suit your needs

Antiques & Art

Not only are antiques good value, but buying and selling at auction is much easier than many people imagine

e-Bid Auction


Our high-tech, online property auction portal is a fast, easy and efficient tool for buying and selling properties. If you are unable to attend our auctions venue or just simply live too far away, buying and selling via our online portal is the ideal solution


Combining the best parts of the traditional sales method with auctions we’ve created a new product; eBid online auctions. Online auctions offer a modern method for buying and selling property in an auction environment and are accessible to everyone


eBid Auction enable you to view images of the property, bid on it and buy it, all from behind your computer, tablet or phone screen. Bidding online offers all the same benefits of buying and selling as a typical room auction, such as access to a versatile range of unique properties and transparent sales


Once you are all set up for eBid Auction, simply sit back and tune in to the live-streamed auction. You can then watch as the lots are offered in lot number order and make your bids in real time.

First Step

Select property you wish to bid for

Second Step

Click for more detail and click "Registration for online bidder"

Third Step

Follow steps by steps for buyer details, deposit details and refund details

Fourth Step

You will be notified by email once registration has been approved